Water sports center

Visit the Seadventures Water Sports Center right next door to the SnowCastle Resort to cool off with some exciting surface water sports.

Activity prices include all necessary gear and life jackets. Lockers available for your belongings, waterproof mobile phone cases for loan without additional charge.




FRI-SUN 12:00-20:00

Our activities are also available on request outside these opening hours.


Weather permitting

SUP board rental

Take a leisurely tour circling the seashore, just lounge about by the harbour or give yourself a nice little workout on a stand-up paddleboard.


1 hour

First hour €25 / per board,  further reservations €10 / 30 min, €15 / 1 hour

SUP Yoga

Have an adventurous yoga class over the ocean! Doing yoga on the water is a very special experience. Clear your mind and let in the harmony of the surrounding nature

Tuesdays & Thursdays


17:30 – 19:00

Minimum 4 people

€35 / person, bookings must be made in advance tel: 0400 690 277

Jet ski rides

Feel the powerful 300 horsepower jet ski rumble and bounce on the waves as our guide takes you on a speedy ride over the ocean. Hang on in the bends and curves and try not to scream!


10 minutes

€20 / person


We do not rent out jet skis for personal use

Water skiing, wakeboarding & kneeboarding

Choose between regular skis, slalom skis, a wakeboard or a kneeboard.
Adjustable trainer skis available for kids!


1 hour

4-6 people

€160 / hour

Bumper tubing

“The best part was when my pants fell off!”

Try and hang on as you are swung from side to side on a bumper tube towed by a jet ski. This is sure to bring a smile to your face and cool you off on a hot summer day! Choose between a more laid back sit up position rear supported tube or hang for your dear life on the X-Scream lay on tube.


10 minutes

up to 3 people

€20 / 10 minutes


Ascend 100 a meters in the air to admire the landscape from a bird’s-eye view as our guide tows you behind their jet ski along the seashore.

Paraisiling is the gentlest thrill-seeking activity you could find. This easygoing activity suits all ages and sizes and requires no training.

We can also arrange parasailing experiences during winter months!


10 minutes

€40 / 10 minutes

Floating lounge raft

Feeling more leisurely? Our deluxe lounge raft is perfect for a relaxed group outing!

The raft is equipped with  a cooler. The whole group will be provided with life jackets. The raft can be towed to your chosen destination.

No smoking on board.

up to 6 people

€85-100 / 1 hour, additional hours €40-50

Row boat & fishing gear rental

Enjoy a carefree row around the bay or anchor the boat somewhere quiet and just enjoy the view and the quiet ripple of the waves.


1 hour

€15 / hour, additional hours €5, fishing gear €5


Lumilinnankatu 20, 94100 Kemi

Our watersports center is right by the SnowCastle resort, just a 10 minute walk away from the Kemi city centre.

Free parking at SnowCastle Resort parking lot.


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