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Water sports center

The most exciting summer activities in Kemi

Our water sports center offers the most thrilling summer activities in town! Come have a summer day full of fun surface water sports!

Standup Paddleboarding

Have yourself a nice little workout, take a leisurely tour circling the seashore or just lounge about by the harbor. Our staff will guide beginners through the basics. SUP Yoga classes twice a week.

Jet ski rides

Feel the powerful 300 horsepower jet ski rumble and bounce on the waves as our guide takes you on a speedy ride over the ocean. Water skis, wakeboards, kneeboards and bumper tubes also available. Hang on in the bends and curves and try not to scream!

Rowboat rental

Enjoy a carefree row around the bay or anchor the boat somewhere quiet and just enjoy the view and the quiet ripple of the waves. Fishing gear also available.


Winter adventures on the frozen sea in Kemi

Explore the snow covered archipelago on a tour of the frozen over Gulf of Bothnia. Get into the thrill of the action as we speed over the never ending fields of ice! Our hovercraft is unmatched by even the harshest conditions and will take you safely to places that might otherwise be impossible to reach. Weak ice or shallow waters won’t stop this beast! Let us take you to one the many islands dotting the Gulf of Bothnia. Wether you want to have your trip filled with fun winter activities or just to spend some quiet time around a campfire, we’ve got you covered!


Lumilinnankatu 20, 94100 Kemi

Our watersports center is right by the SnowCastle resort, just a 10 minute walk away from the Kemi city centre.

Free parking at SnowCastle Resort parking lot.


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